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Portfolio Management Services

Reporting for Lenders and Schools

National Education provides the following standard package of reports online. Each report is provided in a PDF format and CSV. The CSV files are available for download by the user for internal review and analysis of data.


Portfolio Statistics Summary

  Snapshot of entire portfolio: shows balances, number of loans, and/or number of borrowers by loan type, loan status, date of disbursement range, interest rate range, number of days delinquent, remaining term, and current balance distribution. Download Example

Past Due Summary

  Summary of all current and past due loans. Loans are grouped by the range of delinquency.

Past Due Detail

  Provides past due information for each individual loan; including SSN, loan number and number of days late.

Loan Status Summary

  Shows the number and the Amount of Loans by Status (Activity Code).

Trial Balance Detail

  Provides each individual loan's status, current balance, interest rate and loan type.

Funding Requests Summary

  Summary of all System Requests made for the day,month, or year-to-date.

Funding Requests Detail

  List of all System Requests made for the day, month, or year-to-date. Information provided includes Disbursement Date, Disbursement Amount, Fees, etc.

Cash/Non-Cash Summary

  Summary of debit and credit transactions that affect Cash and Non-Cash Balances.

Cash/Non-Cash Detail

  Individual transaction amount and the balance category it affects.

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